July 23, 2024

Xander Schauffele has dropped a hint he isn’t thinking of leaving the PGA Tour anytime soon by committing to the AT&T Pebble-Beach Pro-Am.

PGA Tour star Xander Schauffele has dropped a hint he won’t be leaving for the riches of LIV Golf anytime soon.

The American could of course changed his mind and, who knows, the floodgates might open if the rumours are true that Jon Rahm will be signing for the breakaway tour for $300m.

But Schauffele has decided to kick off his 2024 campaign by committing to the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am on the PGA Tour.

One of the Tour’s signature events, the tournament has a massive prize purse and will take place from January 31 to February 4, 2019.

Limited-field competitions that offer higher purses and FedEx Cup points are known as signature events.

There will be 70–80 players on each field. There won’t be a cut for up to three of the eight planned signature events.

The Saudi-backed LIV Golf caused an unprecedented disruption in the game at the time the tournaments were created.

Schauffele, for his part, has been quite transparent about how close he came to joining the rival league.

He was among a number of PGA Tour players who, following the publication of Phil Mickelson’s remarks regarding his interactions with the Saudis, issued a statement in February 2022 pledging their continued support for the North American circuit.

Mickelson was charged with making the quiet part loud, and it was later revealed that his opinions on Saudi Arabia’s violations of human rights nearly put an end to the entire show before it even started.

Schauffele told Today’s Golfer following the 2023 Ryder Cup that he had no regrets about joining LIV.

Regarding his LIV offer, he remarked, “I don’t sit here and think, oh gosh, I should have pursued that more or anything of that nature.”

“I’m generally happy with my situation and my accomplishments.”

During the same interview, Schauffele urged commissioner Jay Monahan to step down in order to bring about change in the PGA Tour’s leadership.

Schauffele stated, “I would be lying if I said that I have a whole lot of trust after what happened,” in reference to the framework agreement of June 6.

“When I talk to a lot of guys, that’s definitely the general consensus that I find.

“Call it ‘our Tour,’ but things can happen without us even knowing, seems a little contradictory.”

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