Russell is left speechless by Hamilton’s AMAZING daredevil announcement.

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has announced his plans to take Formula 1 team-mate George Russell skydiving.

The revelation came from Hamilton himself, who cheekily shared the surprise with the public at a fan event.

Next week, George and I are going skydiving,” Hamilton smiled.

“He was unaware of that. He is aware now.”

In response to Hamilton’s impromptu invitation, Russell voiced his enthusiasm.

Russell answered, “He didn’t tell me this, but I’m up for it.”

“I’m willing. You visit each year. I never receive invitations. I consider it an honor to be invited.

Russell, too, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a joke out of the circumstance.

He questioned, “I’ve never done it, we’re not going tandem are we?”

All Hamilton could do was shake his head and laugh.

Even though Mercedes hasn’t been particularly successful on the track in the 2023 season, it seems like Hamilton and Russell’s friendship is getting stronger by the second.

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