July 23, 2024

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s innovative golf league TGL was set to launch in January, but this could well be pushed back after the roof of their purpose-built arena fell through earlier this week

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy’s golf league, TGL is said to be “assessing its timelines” ahead of January’s launch after the roof of their custom-made stadium collapsed this week.

On Wednesday footage of the league’s home, the SoFi Center, showed the dome-like white roof had fallen through in a huge blow for the setup with less than two months until play is set to get underway. On Saturday, TGL bosses provided an update to CNBC, claiming: “We are still assessing the damage and determining the impact on our timelines.”

In addition to the roof collapse, the golf league that Woods, McIlroy, and Mike McCarley formed also disclosed earlier this week that the SoFi Center stadium experienced a power outage that resulted in the dome’s deflation. Woods announced his return to the PGA Tour on Saturday.

A statement said, “Deflation and damage to the air-supported dome section of the site were caused by an overnight failure of the temporary power system used during the construction phase.” “At this point, it is too early to tell how the damage will affect our timelines while we evaluate the damage.

“Neither any people were hurt nor any technology was damaged. On-site work is still ongoing. With just weeks until the action starts, the simulator-based league has already experienced two setbacks in as many weeks: the announcement by Masters champion Jon Rahm that he had left the 24-man roster and that the setup was searching for a new signing. Now, the stadium issue is the latest setback.

Rahm vanished from the TGL website inexplicably earlier this month, and less than a day later, the Spaniard’s anticipated departure was declared. Rahm cited commitment concerns as the reason behind his departure in a social media statement.

The Spaniard declared, “I am sad to confirm that I will not be participating in the first TGL season.” “Although I still believe it’s a fantastic opportunity, I am unable to commit to it at this time. Wishing all participants luck and may the winning team be the best!”

In other news, league founders McIlroy and Woods declared which teams they would be vying for. The Northern Irishman committed to Boston Common along with Adam Scott, Tyrrell Hatton, Keegan Bradley, and others. Woods, on the other hand, will compete for Jupiter Links while representing his hometown.

The sixth and final team to be revealed was the Jupiter-based organization, which will have Woods as a player-owner on their roster. Woods stated, “TGL is a modern twist on traditional golf and will ultimately make the sport I love more accessible through its use of technology.”

“It’s an exciting new chapter for me to have the chance to own a team to represent Jupiter in addition to competing. I anticipate Jupiter Links GC to highlight my hometown’s golf culture while we battle the world’s top players.”

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