Toto Wolff reveals his relentless efforts to secure Hamilton’s 8th F1 Championship

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff recently said he was motivated by “personal anger” to settle the score since Lewis Hamilton missed out on his record eighth F1 title at the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP .

Hamilton faces Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in 2021 A mistake by the track director in the season finale gave Verstappen his first title, ending his dominance Hamilton.
Since the defeat in Abu Dhabi two years ago, Mercedes has been unable to provide a winning car for Lewis Hamilton, who is currently on a winless streak since December 2021.

While Arrows of Silver failing to show consistent progress In the latest generation of cars, Toto Wolff is determined to help Lewis Hamilton win an elusive eighth title.
“We live in a hamster wheel where time passes so quickly that it doesn’t feel like two years have passed,” Wolff told PA News before the Las Vegas GP.
“You can see how quickly the pecking order changes.

We’ve won eight constructors’ championships in a row and it’s been two years since Red Bull won the cup.
But they We have to look forward, learn from the past and the aim now is to help Lewis win again quickly.

Fans of Formula One react as Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe’s Fortnite alliance goes viral, saying “Verstappen can now own Hamilton on and off the track.” “I’m so angry and I’m determined to make him (Hamilton) win an eighth title because he deserves it,” Wolff continued.

While Wolff wants George Russell to be successful in a different Mercedes, he also wants to exact revenge for the team’s 2021 defeat at the hands of Lewis Hamilton.
It’s critical that you treat both drivers fairly and openly in your role as team principal.

However, a sizable portion of us will always wish to play a part in this narrative to reverse and triumph over 2021,” the team leader said.

When asked if Lewis Hamilton will still be racing in five years, the Mercedes CEO responds Lewis Hamilton is the second-oldest driver on the track at 38 years old.

Toto Wolff was questioned about Hamilton’s ability to compete for an eighth title for an additional five years.
Wolff retorted, “He is 39 in January and Fernando (Alonso, 42) is still going strong.”

It’s acceptable as long as you take care of yourself, get ready mentally and physically, and grow in a variety of ways until you’re 25 years old.

The Mercedes CEO argues that Hamilton’s recent results support his belief that the veteran driver is not slowing down due to age.
“All we have to do is get him a fast enough car.” And I have no reservations about him as a driver.

His performance, speed, and racing talent have all been evident in the last few races.
But he cannot win if he is not carrying a car.

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