Rory McIlroy resigns from PGA Tour role after meeting involving Tiger Woods

Rory McIlroy has stepped down from the PGA Tour policy board as talks drag on over a deal following the LIV Golf merger after a meeting this week including Tiger Woods

Rory McIlroy has resigned from his role on the PGA Tour policy board after more details of golf’s potential future came to light.

McIlroy was the most staunch defender of the PGA Tour after the launch of the LIV Golf breakaway league, funded by the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). However, the two organisations announced a shock merger five months ago, with work still ongoing for a framework agreement.

Following a meeting this week, where player representatives included golf legend and close ally of McIlroy, Tiger Woods, provided new details. It has been rumored that the PGA Tour’s stars will be given a stake in the new, for-profit golf venture that results from the merger of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Additionally, a deadline of December 31 has been set for an agreement, though that date may be extended. McIlroy has reportedly stepped down from his position on the PGA Tour policy board, though.

“I wanted to inform you that Rory McIlroy has resigned from the PGA Tour Policy Board,” PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan wrote in a memo to membership. “Rory’s resignation letter, which he sent to the full Board late this afternoon, clearly stated that the difficult decision was made due to professional and personal commitments.”

Earlier this week, McIlroy—who initially joined the Plater Advisory Council in 2019—made a hint that he was thinking about leaving the group. At the DP World Tour Championship on Tuesday, he was open about the state of the game.

McIlroy remarked, “[It is] not what I signed for whenever I went on the board.” However, during the past two years, there have been changes to the professional golf game. Once more, I believe the game is in excellent overall condition.

“But everyone focuses on this top level because it is what it is, and it’s an entertainment product and it’s a show, but the faster that it gets rectified, I think the better for everyone.”

He went on to say, “I think if you were in the middle of it, you would see that there’s a path forward,” in response to a question about whether a solution was imminent.

Simply put, no one outside of the situation knows any specifics. We are attempting to keep things contained and within walls because loose lips sink ships. There will undoubtedly be news to share when there is any.

According to McIlroy, “it’s better to get something done sooner rather than later.” “You see, just because we close a deal doesn’t guarantee that it will materialize.

At that point, the United States government will decide whether or not the Department of Justice believes it to be the right course of action, anti-competitive, or something else.

It is not a given that a deal will be completed, even if one does. Thus, it will just be necessary for us to wait and see. However, I believe that the sooner something is completed, the better.

Now that McIlroy has resigned from his post following a turbulent and protracted political struggle among golf’s elite, those negotiations seem certain to end without him.

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