Shane Lowry Is Embarrassed By One Incident During His Falling Out With Rory McIlroy

It’s evident from looking at Shane Lowry and Rory McIlroy right now that both guys greatly admire one another, both on and off the golf course.

The two have recently been teammates and have represented Ireland brilliantly in the Olympics and Ryder Cup. In addition, they are neighbors in Jupiter, Florida, and their families frequently get together there.

Given their current relationship and the stature of both players in Irish golf, it’s hard to believe that there wasn’t much of a friendship between them for a while.

During their amateur years, Lowry and McIlrory encountered each other frequently on the Irish golf scene, though they were not especially close at this time. After going pro, they would spend a little more time together, but that quickly came to an end when McIlroy’s problems with Horizon Sports became public.

The Holywood native’s legal battle with Lowry was also handled by the same agency, which effectively put an end to the two people’s developing relationship for a number of years.

The legal case between McIlroy and Horizon would ultimately be settled in 2015.

With Rory McIlroy unhappy with the way he had been treated by Horizon Sports and agent Conor Ridge during this period, it left Shane Lowry in an awkward spot.

The Offaly resident acknowledges that he felt compelled to take a side in the rivalry in an intriguing interview with Paul Kimmage and McIlroy for the Sunday Independent. Additionally, he regrets how he handled himself at this time with his now-close friend.

It was a shitshow because Rory put me in a difficult situation and Conor [Ridge] has always been nice to me. It felt like I had to choose a side.

We went from friends to being acquaintances and it was just … awkward. I mean, I’m ‘L’ and he’s ‘M’ and our lockers were beside each other at every tournament!

I hate talking about it, and to be honest I’m happy Rory is not sitting here because I remember a practice round in Carnoustie before the Dunhill — it must have been 2014 — and seeing him on the tee, and waiting in the clubhouse until he was gone, which is bullshit when you think about it.

I mean for f**k sake! Just shite!

An Irish Independent subscription is required to read this interview in full, but it is certainly worth it.

It goes into detail about the relationship between the pair, as well as that infamous incident involving them both at this year’s Ryder Cup. It is certainly interesting to hear how the two golfers view the effects that their close friendship has had on both of them.

From McIlroy’s perspective, he stated that Lowry has played a significant part in his personal life ever since the two had a night out back in 2015.

In the past few years, Shane has, in my opinion, been one of my strongest supporters. He’s a pleasure to be around and has had a positive impact on me.

There are aspects of Shane that I genuinely adore; I observe his way of living, his interactions with his girls, and his bonds with his surviving family members.

He enjoys his life and everything he’s worked for, and I think spending time with him makes me a better version of myself.

Kind words.

Both Shane Lowry and Rory McIlroy are top class sportsmen and people, so it is interesting to hear how they could be dragged down a route they did not feel comfortable with as a result of some contrasting interests.

It’s great to see that all of that is in the past now.

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