Lewis Hamilton Clarifies Potential Mercedes Missteps During Brazil Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton stated following the challenging Sao Paulo Grand Prix that he believed Mercedes’ new floorboards were ineffective at the Interlagos circuit.

Following his difficulties at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton stated he thought Mercedes’ new floor, which was unveiled at the US Grand Prix, did not function at Interlagos.

“I suppose the ground doesn’t function,” the Englishman remarked.
It cannot be absorbed by the earth.
We had to move to a higher wing as a result, and we were growing very tired on the straight.

“And on the straights, we lost so much time that I was at a loss for what to do; we just kept sliding around the corners.”

Thus, we must investigate the reason why this is occurring on this challenging circuit. Lewis claimed that overtaking both Aston Martins at the beginning of the race did not increase his confidence in his chances of winning.

“No, I’m aware that today will be difficult for us.
Since then, the car has remained the same.
I therefore anticipated difficulty.

I was driving too slowly and had a flat tire yesterday.
In the relay, I believe I rode better today, but we simply moved slowly.
I’m not sure.

We could definitely improve the setup a little bit, but I’m not sure if that would enable us to advance further.
The British driver even reported feeling as though his left front wheel was turning to the right at one point during the race.
Yes, that is peculiar.

I was wondering if the tire had been rebuilt or something, but the car started turning right while I was going left.
“But in the end everything turned out well.
I thought it was probably just the wind.
When asked whether Mercedes’ problems were track-related, Lewis said he was not sure.
“Hard to say.

Ultimately, right now, it’s a step backwards, but as a team, we’re going to pull together and try to move forward.
“There will be a lot of analysis this week after today and I’m sure there will be things we will say to ourselves: ‘Well maybe if we did that it would be better .

‘ “But I think in the end the car didn’t work here for whatever reason, and that’s the way it is,” Hamilton concluded.

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