July 23, 2024

The father of Sergio Perez, Antonio Perez, has declared that Mexico has a chance to win a world championship and that Max Verstappen and his son will be teammates at Red Bull for “another ten years.”

The Mexican driver’s status at Red Bull has come under scrutiny following a string of underwhelming performances, and this has garnered attention recently.

After a collision on the opening lap at his home Grand Prix in Mexico during the most recent race weekend, he was declared DNF, which further complicated his situation.

Perez Sr., though, has declared that his son will continue to drive beside Verstappen despite his present situation.

For the next ten years, Checo and Max will be on the same team, he told Austrian broadcaster ORF.

“And in these ten years, Checo might win a world championship.”

Team-Mate Dynamic

Despite Perez’s inability to truly challenge the three-time world champion Verstappen, Antonio Perez believes that the Dutchman’s presence pushes Perez.

I like that my son competes with the best driver in the world,” Antonio Perez added.

“And Max Verstappen is currently the world’s best driver.

Checo has had the best friendship with his teammate throughout his entire Formula 1 career. His winning attitude and style of driving Checo are really appealing to me.

Antonio Perez also praised Red Bull head coach Helmut Marko for giving his son an opportunity to be a member of the team.

“Dr. Marko is the best sponsor that Checo could have in the world,” he continued.

Give Dr. Marko a hug! In Mexico, the Verstappen family and Dr. Marko are treated with respect. We are delighted to have them visit Mexico.

After a difficult weekend in Mexico, Perez is hoping to recover in the upcoming race weekend in Brazil in order to hold onto second place in the drivers’ championship.

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