Verstappen rivals delivered ominous warning by Prost – `The angry kid disappeared’

Four-time F1 world champion Alain Prost believes his 2021 battle with Lewis Hamilton has destroyed ‘the kid’ Impatient Young’ by Max Verstappen.

The Red Bull driver claimed his third consecutive Drivers’ title by finishing second in the Qatar Sprint Grand Prix, securing the title with six races remaining before claiming his 14th win in 17 races in the competition featured race at the International Circuit of Lusail.

Verstappen’s dominance over the past two seasons and his performances during that period have been a change from his first seven years in the sport, where he was often criticized for his racing talent and antics.

But Prost was impressed by the Dutchman’s transformation of character and wrote in L’Equipe:
“Winning a third title is already something formidable.
“Winning back-to-back titles is even bigger. Because only a few big names are successful.

“But I think what makes Max Verstappen so great and so strong is the ability he has developed as a great driver to never stumble and always want more.

“There is no doubt that he became a great pilot. But what I think makes him even stronger is the way he learned to integrate with his car and team.

“It’s a great whole that strives for perfection every day. When we hear the driver complain about the bad behavior of his car during free practice on a Friday morning, it is not the anger of a child who has made a mistake and sometimes finds himself being cornered. wall because of impatience.

“No, this Max disappeared at the end of 2021 at the end of his epic battle with Lewis Hamilton. I won’t talk about the controversial final in Abu Dhabi but about how he and his Red Bull team fought throughout the season against Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.

A bad sign for the competition

While Verstappen’s third title was just a formality since teammate Sergio Pérez struggled mid-season, the Dutchman’s determination often got him fired up excited when he heard him talking to race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase on the team radio. whenever the situation is not 100% okay while driving.

“Beating the seven-time world champion gives him confidence and assurance. This first title made him stronger,” Prost explained.

“He has calmed down since then. Except he pursues perfection. This is a bad sign for the competition as I don’t see him leaving anytime soon.

“The next two years without rule changes won’t change his current power much. And, from 2026, when he’s in symbiosis with his team, they’ll be able to Let’s overcome challenges together and at least compete for the title.”

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