Max Verstappen appeals to Ferrari chairman

Three-time Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has made a public appeal to Ferrari chairman John Elkann.

Max Verstappen has revealed he is looking for an “incredible” Formula 1 Ferrari, owned by legend Michael Schumacher.

Verstappen recently tagged the cars he’d like to have in his dream garage, which of course would include all of his race-winning Red Bull cars.

Most of all, he wants Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004, the car he drove on the way to his seventh and final championship in 2004.

It’s a real car iconic as the German has won 13 races this season there, in what was his most successful season as an F1 driver, both in terms of wins and points accumulation.

It’s an iconic car that Verstappen wants, and he hopes Ferrari chairman John Elkann will call him to discuss selling it, because the Dutchman has no idea how to get one. got the F2004.

“I want to have in my garage all the Red Bull cars with which I won the F1 world championship,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Next to Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004, it’s an incredible car. But I don’t know how to buy it.

“This is a call to [Ferrari chairman] John Elkann, I hope he reads this interview and maybe calls me.”

The three-time crowned world champion is trying to make 2023 his most successful season ever, which he is about to do.

He only needs to score 22 points in the remaining five races to break the 2022 record for most points scored in a season, which currently stands at 454 points.

States Grand Prix With 433 points and 14 wins to his name this year, he is only two wins away from eclipsing the record of 15 wins he also achieved last season.

Most people expect him to finally win the remaining five races of this campaign, which would take his season total to 19.
Verstappen simply is in a league of his own and the worry is that he will continue to improve, especially with the current regulations.

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