Lewis Hamilton provides update on relationship with George Russell following crash in Qatar

Lewis Hamilton says he and George Russell will discuss their ‘offline’ Qatar GP clash and talk about their relationship.

The two Mercedes drivers clashed in Qatar, with Hamilton and Russell colliding on the opening lap of the Grand Prix as the seven-time world champion attempted a daring move outside his teammate.

The incident comes two weeks after the pair fought fiercely in Japan, with Hamilton pushing Russell into Spoon’s corner as they argued – a move that left Russell unimpressed.

Lewis Hamilton ‘happy to take responsibility’ for Qatar clash

While Hamilton initially pointed the finger at Russell immediately after the collision with Lusail, he calmed down and reflected on their failures when speaking to the media afterwards to put his hands up and accept responsibility.

With Hamilton and Russell signing contracts with Mercedes for the next two years, taking their total partnership to at least four years, the drivers’ preferences are clearly at peace – and Hamilton has made it clear that the relationship Hey, for my part, it’s fine. “I think we are a great team. George and I still have a great relationship. We will discuss everything and work,” Hamilton told Sky Italy.

“I am happy to take on the responsibility as an elder. I don’t think George had anywhere else to go at that point. “I tried to get ahead of both of them and it was just an unfortunate situation. I feel the most tired out of everyone around me so I have to try to move forward. Big risk, big penalty.

“The relationship is not broken. I have no problem with George, we have a great relationship, we work and always talk about everything. “So it’s really unfortunate and I’m sure he was as disappointed as I was at the time. But we’ll talk offline and we’ll move forward. Like I said, I apologize to everyone team.

Bradley Lord praises Lewis Hamilton’s ‘strength of character’

In Toto Wolff’s absence, Mercedes team communications chief Bradley Lord praised Hamilton for his candour and maturity in accepting his error of judgment.

“I don’t think it’s my job to sit here and put responsibility on one side or the other,” he told media.

“The drivers know far better than me how they conduct themselves on track.

“What I would say is that Lewis doing that and being able to have the strength of character to come out and speak as he has done shows that Champions aren’t just made in the winning moments, but also in the most difficult ones. It speaks volumes to his strength of character that he is able to do that.”

1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill said the situation could have been planned out better by Mercedes, but believed Hamilton only had himself to blame for the incident.

“Lewis was on the softer tyre and had a great start,” he said.

“Maybe he was a bit impatient to get past. George was in a position where three into two doesn’t go. He had nowhere to go and Lewis was going around the outside.

“I think it was perhaps a bit of a misunderstanding with their strategy. Perhaps on reflection, Mercedes will go ‘Maybe we should have got George to let Lewis go if he saw him coming up with a good start.’ He shouldn’t be too harsh on himself but it’s uncharacteristic from Lewis.”

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