July 23, 2024

Max Verstappen has called for Formula 1 to relax current regulations on sprint weekends ahead of the big race weekend in Qatar, with the Red Bull star set to win the drivers’ title.

Max Verstappen has questioned Formula 1’s current rules regarding time restrictions on changes made on sprint weekends.

Unlike teams being allowed three hours of practice on regular race weekends, there is only one hour of pre-qualifying practice for teams and riders to familiarize themselves with their plans before taking their seats. steering.

Red Bull crashed out last year in Brazil, but has seen a marked improvement in 2023 after taking pole in Austria and Belgium. However, Verstappen believes the current regulations should be relaxed ahead of future sprint weekends.

Speaking at the press conference after qualifying, he said:
“It’s hard to say where we would have been if we had a normal weekend, but with the track conditions it’s definitely a bit harder to predict things. “But I think we tried our best. I don’t think it will be perfect, but it’s certainly good enough and I was quite happy with the car in qualifying.

“But there can also be times – and we’ve had it happen in the past – you make some decision that you think is going to work out but it doesn’t and your whole weekend is ruined. ruin because you can’t touch the car.

“I think that’s a bit unfortunate and maybe it’s something we need to think about for the future if we want to continue doing these types of events. Of course, I understand that for the series, it’s important to incorporate all A little bit is a good thing.” , but at least you can correct your mistake or potential error.

As Verstappen looks for changes, it promises to be an unforgettable weekend for the Dutchman, who is on track to win the 2023 drivers’ title. He secured pole position for Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix, but he could win the title even sooner as three points from Saturday’s sprint race should be enough for him to claim glory .

He didn’t back down after qualifying, but admitted he was pleased with his performance ahead of an epic race weekend in the Middle East.

“The tarmac doesn’t offer a lot of grip, so it really improves with each lap,” Verstappen said after Friday’s qualifying evening. I think we are in a good moment, we are improving quite well, race by race.” meeting.

“Especially in Q3, the car felt pretty good, it felt like a good lap, but it was also really coming to know what the current limits were with the road surface. So that made things quite difficult, but overall I’m very happy with the performance and today. »

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