Could the Dutchman be upset with the Sprint format as he looks to win his third F1 title?

Max Verstappen admits there are “a lot of question marks” when F1 returns to Lusail International Circuit this weekend.

The Qatar Grand Prix only appeared once on the calendar before this season, added at the end of 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

The country’s focus on hosting the FIFA World Cup last year prevented the race from returning, although a 10-year deal is now in the works to keep the sport alive.

Since F1 last visited Lusail, the infrastructure has been significantly improved to better meet the needs of the sport, as well as the resurfacing of the tarmac. However, tire wear is expected to be high as curbs are applied to test the car’s underbody, and a sprint weekend complicates matters – with only one practice session available for riders. Drive to adapt. .

“There are a lot of question marks, we prepared as well as possible in the simulator but with the tarmac we don’t know,” Verstappen said ahead of the weekend.

“It will be very windy, which will also cause great difficulties for cars, because these new generation cars are so big and wide that they are quite sensitive to the wind.

“So there’s a lot of unknowns but I love coming here, it’s a great road to ride and a lot of fun so I hope it will be like that when we drive it tomorrow.”

Easy to make mistakes

Verstappen goes into the weekend knowing that a third consecutive world championship could be his as soon as Saturday’s Sprint race concludes.

When asked what helped him achieve this achievement, the Red Bull racer replied:
“It’s difficult to fully explain. It would be great to win it here, whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, it doesn’t matter but it would be good [to do it] at the first chance to win it.

“Winning three championships in a row is never easy, you need a very good car to do that, but what I always try to achieve is consistency and not making too many mistakes when doing it.” pilot.

“That’s what you constantly strive for: to be as consistent and reliable as possible.

“We are having a great season, the car has good windows except in Singapore, but it has been great to drive all the other races.

“It’s still easy to make the mistake of driving over the limit, which is what I’m trying to eliminate. “Three championships, several races a year. I love racing, it’s the best thing and that’s why I enjoy it so much too, but when you win you appreciate it even more.”

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