How can Max Verstappen win the F1 championship? Qatar Grand Prix Permutations

Max Verstappen could become the 2023 Formula 1 drivers’ champion for the third consecutive year at the Qatar Grand Prix this weekend.

A near-perfect season for the Red Bull driver has earned him 400 points, almost double that of his nearest rival, and there are still six rounds left to win the championship.

In fact, his lead over teammate Sergio Perez is such that he could even claim a third straight crown ahead of Sunday’s race.

On Saturday, sprint racing returns and the permutations suggest that Verstappen could very well become the first driver to win the F1 title in a sprint.

How can Max Verstappen win the F1 Drivers’ Championship?

If he finishes sixth or better in the sprint:
In this scenario, Verstappen will win the F1 title regardless of where Perez finishes.

If he finishes seventh in the sprint:
Perez must win the sprint to stop Verstappen here, in which case he could still easily take the title in Sunday’s Grand Prix .

If he finishes eighth in the sprint:
This will still be enough if Perez finishes outside the top two.
If he misses points in the sprint:
Verstappen will still win the world championship if PĂ©rez finishes outside the top three.

If he misses and Perez finishes in the top three:
All is not lost for Verstappen, who must go from this weekend 146 points clear to win the title after Sunday’s grand prix. His current advantage is 177.

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