July 23, 2024

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he is currently prioritizing his racing career and pursuing an eighth world title instead of starting a family, due to time constraints time.

Despite speculation about his future, Hamilton confirmed in August that he would extend his contract with Mercedes until 2025.

The British driver is currently third in the drivers’ championship , with his sights set on Red Bull Pérez’s Sergio in second place.

Although Mercedes has been unable to match Red Bull’s dominance this Formula 1 season, the seven-time world champion has still managed to maintain its position at the top of the standings.

However, Hamilton hinted that he wants more than second place in the drivers’ championship, insisting that his main aim is to win an eighth world championship.
“Not currently.” No, I don’t have time for that, I love being an uncle,” Hamilton told Blick when asked if this was time for the kids.

“I haven’t decided to do it yet This big step forward. I still have a goal with the race.” car – and everything has to be behind it. I want to do my job 100%. Of course, you have to find the necessary balance for your private life and compromise. But fortunately, that day has not yet come.

Hamilton is statistically the most successful F1 driver in history, with 7 drivers’ championships and 103 victories.
However, he has failed to add to his win total since December 2021, as Mercedes continues to struggle to challenge for the top step of the podium.

However, the British rider remains determined and fully committed to achieving further success within the team and pursuing his own career goals.
“We’ll be back,” Hamilton added. “We can do it.
The next step towards the top podium is coming. And it will probably be the biggest win of my career.

Hamilton shows even more commitment to racing car by sharing a post on social media. The caption: “Born Proven,” accompanied by a side-by-side image depicting a young Hamilton with his racing self.

However , Hamilton also explained that even with his eighth world title, he has no plans to retire from the sport and settle down.

“I never said that an eighth title was a signal for me to stop,” he added. “But I won’t know until I’m actually there.”
While we still don’t know when Hamilton will start his own family, one thing is certain: his unwavering commitment to achieving racing victories will always be maintained. maintain.

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