Patrick Cantlay’s wedding photos are here … and there’s no hat tan in sight

If you watched even a second of this year’s Ryder Cup, you’ve heard about Patrick Cantlay’s hat. Or should we say hatless? Rumors swirled as to why the American didn’t want to wear his Team USA cap, and there were reports of the locker room being “fractured” over the decision.

Whatever the reason — perhaps he just doesn’t like hats — Cantlay has become a target for European fans and a shining light for an American team in desperate need of a hat. He unintentionally turned a potential Ryder Cup loss into a fight and better yet he avoided the dreaded tan when he wore a golf hat at his Italian wedding on Thursday. Two. These are perfect fronts for Cantlay and Nikki Guidish. Monday’s wedding in Rome was definitely something to remember and these photos are perfect, even after the loss of Marco Simone.

Sugar tan is brutal. I once fell asleep on the beach while reading a book and had a perfect white rectangle on my stomach during the summer, so I certainly understand Cantlay’s situation.

Of course, Twitter comments had a few thoughts about Cantlay’s wedding: “You still don’t wear a hat??? Even at his wedding?? Embarrassing and disrespectful” to “his head is nice, no tan lines” to “I saw him dragging his feet on the altar for over a minute before saying “yes”.

Ignore the haters, Patrick. The photos look great and you are happily married. There will be another Ryder Cup in 2025. So hang on to your hats.

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