Tensions rise between Patrick Cantlay, fans due to bizarre hat rumor

Italian fans have been trolling Patrick Cantlay a lot over a report that the American golfer refused to wear a hat in protest.

Sky Sports’ Jamie Weir reported on Saturday that Cantlay was upset about golfers not being paid while competing in the Ryder Cup. Weir accused the golfer of not wearing a hat during the competition as a sign of protest.

Weir also accused Cantlay of refusing to attend the dinner and sitting in a separate area of ​​the dressing room.

Fans attending Saturday’s events at the Marco Simone Golf Club in Guidonia Montecelio were well aware of Weir’s report. They started waving their hats at Cantlay. They also chanted “hats off to your bank account” to the American tennis player.

All the fan action excited Cantlay, who finished Saturday afternoon’s play with three straight birdies to help him and Wyndham Clark beat Rory McIlroy and Matt Fitzpatrick by 1.

Cantlay pretended to wave to fans.

His teammates also took their hats off to the crowd after Cantlay and Clark won the match. Cantlay addressed the report after his turn. He was interviewed by NBC on Saturday and said he didn’t wear the hat because “it didn’t suit him.”

Dan Rapaport of Barstool Sports added a more in-depth response to each of Weir’s allegations.

Brandel Chamblee points out that Ryder Cup participants benefit because a portion of the revenue goes to the PGA Tour and each player receives $200,000 for the charity of their choice.

The story of the Cantlay hat has become a prominent storyline in this year’s Ryder Cup competition. Who saw this coming?

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