Norris denies Red Bull F1 cars built around Verstappen

Lando Norris has emphatically denied claims that Red Bull builds its Formula 1 cars solely based on Max Verstappen’s driving preferences.

Red Bull has dominated the 2023 campaign, winning all but one race so far to wrap up the constructors’ championship with six rounds remaining.

But while Verstappen has racked up 13 wins – including a record 10 in a row between Miami and Monza – Sergio Perez has only won twice.

The Mexican’s struggles were summed up by his failure to reach Q3 in qualifying at five consecutive events earlier this year, prompting Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff to suggest that Red Bull was tweaking the cars to suit Verstappen’s driving style.

Although Verstappen vehemently denied these claims, Perez added to these rumors by claiming that the Red Bull RB19 was developed from him this year. However, Norris sided with Verstappen, insisting that it is always up to the drivers to get the most out of the car the team provides them.

“The team’s mission wasn’t just to design a car for one person,” Norris

“Maybe it’s a perfect world. Our job is to deliver, regardless of the vehicle.

“Max said something similar the other day after Toto made comments about Red Bull. I don’t think you can design a car for someone. It doesn’t work like that. Driving the assigned vehicle largely depends on the driver.

“I think if I’m slower than my teammates for any reason, I’m not doing well enough. It’s that simple. That’s the driver’s job. This is why we are here.

Despite McLaren’s mid-season transformation from scorer to regular podium contender, Norris insisted he still faces the same limitations of the car.

But the Briton, who has claimed four podiums this year, admits he will always choose a fast, difficult-to-drive race car over a slow car that suits his style.

“For me, the most important thing is to create a fast car,” he added.

“I think what people sometimes don’t understand, from the outside, is that the driver’s job is to drive the car they’re given as fast as possible.

“Yes, you want the car to feel comfortable and fit you. But drivers receive enough money to make the most of any situation.

“Whether it’s a car they like or they don’t like, it’s definitely difficult, whatever it is. Our job is to promote what the team gives us.

“You can have a fast and fun car, but in the end, I will always choose to drive a difficult, fast car over a nice, slow car.

“And I think we knew our priority was just to make a fast car. If it’s difficult then we can work to make it a better car to drive.

“But in the end, I care about the car I drive because I want a nice car to drive. But I prefer a faster car to a car that’s easy to drive every day. Because I think that’s my job.” we.

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