Sergio Perez deserted the idea of ​​retiring from F1 after hiring a mental coach amid Red Bull’s difficulties

Perez sought professional help to adjust his thinking after losing confidence earlier this season and says he is now in a much more positive mental state.

Sergio Pérez says ‘I will never get tired of Formula 1’ after suggesting that the Mexican driver could be ‘ready to retire’.

Perez’s future with Red Bull is under scrutiny after a difficult season. It started strongly with two wins in the first four races and more than that suggested he could push Max Verstappen for the title this year.

But his title challenge collapsed with poor form at the start of the European season. Speaking to Dutch newspaper De Limburger, he admitted it had had a significant emotional impact. “After Miami, things got worse,” he said. “I have another car that doesn’t suit me very well. After that, I couldn’t get into Q3 several times so my confidence dropped. As a result, driving is also much worse.”

“I encountered a lot of difficulties this summer. At first I was competing for the world championship but from May that changed. I drove without confidence. At one point, I didn’t get out [of Q2]. It’s very difficult. Because you’re driving with a top team, the pressure to perform increases quickly. “But I didn’t give up and kept working hard with the engineers to get things right. My confidence came back when I realized I was winning races on my own at the beginning of the year now. I dare say I’m 100% again.” Now. … And I also have faith again that I can try my luck at the world championship next year.”

Perez’s contract expires at the end of 2024 and will be 35 years old at the beginning of next season. Amid his struggles this season, former F1 driver Jan Lammers has questioned his desire to continue

“I think Perez is really ready to retire. I mean, how exciting is that for him? “What we are seeing is a complete lack of drive, motivation, sharpness – in fact everything,” said the Dutchman. I think Red Bull might be preparing to put [Liam] Lawson in that seat.”

But after seeking professional help, Perez said he rediscovered how to be positive in both aspects of his life. He added:
“When you are going through a difficult time at work, it is difficult to be happy at home with your wife and children. So I hired a mental coach because my family deserves to have that happy dad at home. “Together with my coach, I have strived to be the best version of myself at home as well as as a driver. Thanks to this, I have found positivity again. Now I’m 33 now but I’m still learning every day but that’s for sure.” also on the outside: partly thanks to this I will never get bored of Formula 1. It’s truly unbelievable what this sport still gives me.”

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