July 23, 2024

The team has claimed its sixth Formula 1 constructors’ title after a dominant performance throughout 2023 at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen has identified Red Bull’s biggest strength in 2023, which has seen the team retain the Constructors’ Championship and win it for a sixth time.

The Milton Keynes-based team has won 15 of 16 races in 2023, often by significant margins, with Max Verstappen winning 13, including 10 straight wins between Miami and Italy.

Only a weekend in Singapore prevented Red Bull from winning the race.

Verstappen is set to win his third consecutive title with the team at the upcoming race in Qatar, in his seventh full season with the team, having recorded 48 race wins and set multiple records since the season. 2021. He has taken on Lewis Hamilton’s ‘man to beat’ role as Mercedes continues to struggle to get a grip on ground effect regulations, but Verstappen believes Red Bull’s successful underpinnings can be originates from a simple line.

Verstappen’s Red Bull characteristics

“I think everyone knows their role very well and is of course good at what they do,” Verstappen replied when asked by media including RacingNews365 what the key to success is.

“[We have] strong communication [within the team] and everyone works [well] together to achieve results like this.”

Part of Red Bull’s success in 2023 is due to its lack of a consistent main rival.

At various times, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin and later McLaren were the closest teams to Red Bull with wild fluctuations from weekend to weekend.

This is something that has been noted by team principal Christian Horner. “The pack moves behind us, this week it’s McLaren, next week it’s Ferrari, the next week it’s Mercedes,” Horner explained.

“We have been 99% consistent in the early stages of this and we are quite limited in the development we have done on the car.

“But I think the developments we’ve made have been efficient enough to maintain reasonable margins.”

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