Lando Norris interest emerges as Christian Horner considers Sergio Perez replacement

Perez has one season remaining on his current contract with Red Bull and principal Horner has made it clear that he will consider all options at his disposal.

Christian Horner admits he continues to keep a close eye on Lando Norris as he weighs up his options for future Red Bull drivers.

Sergio Perez then had a contract for another season with the team. And despite the Mexican’s struggles this season, Horner still intends to honor the agreement signed last year.

However, he will consider all the options available to him when it comes to his team in 2025. Max Verstappen will be locked in for a few more years after that, but it remains to be seen who his teammates will be. Who will be next year? Norris will naturally be closely linked. The British rider has held discussions with Red Bull and as one of the standout young talents on the grid, he will continue to attract the attention of top teams as a decision is made about the racer.

Principal Horner admitted the McLaren driver would sit in the seat frame. “Lando is a great driver – he’s a great talent, a great personality and of course he’s one of the drivers you keep an eye on,” he told Sky Sports.

“There are a lot of drivers that you watch as well. Today there is a huge generation of drivers with a lot of talent. Now, being Max’s teammate will never be easy, and some riders may be up for the challenge, and others may not.

“But, of course, in addition to internal drivers, we also keep an eye on the entire driver market. As you can imagine, there are a number of areas where people are very interested in driving Red Bull .”

As Horner said, Red Bull has no shortage of internal options to replace Perez if they decide they need one. Daniel Ricciardo has made no secret of his desire to return to the seat that once belonged to him, while Yuki Tsunoda and Liam Lawson are among others who have signed up to advance their careers. Horner wants to pick from this talent pool if possible, but performance will be the priority. He added:
“Max is playing at a level where his confidence, his commitment, his talent are absolute and it’s hard to imagine anyone beating him in the same equipment.

“But there is great talent and of course what we want is the two best riders that we can offer. So ideally that will come from the talent pool that we have and , if we don’t think If this capacity is available, we will look outside that capacity to see who is available.

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