July 23, 2024

Lewis Hamilton came up with the idea of ​​deploying artificial intelligence to manage incidents on the road, instead of traditional police.

At the Singapore Grand Prix earlier this month, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen avoided a penalty despite being called up for three embarrassing incidents after qualifying.

His blocking of AlphaTauri Yuki Tsunoda came under particular scrutiny as he held the Japanese driver back between turns 3 and 4, but was only released after being reprimanded by the stewards.

This appears to go against previous embarrassing incidents in the 2023 season, when a commissioner in Japan last time admitted that mistakes were made. As a result, the FIA ​​has decided that this verdict against Verstappen will be removed from the record books and ignored.

Even Verstappen himself later admitted that it was difficult to get involved in the incident with Tsunoda.

“It’s not good at all. I didn’t see it because I was on the radio talking about the problem [with the car], he explained to the media, including RacingNews365.

“And then I only got the call when he was behind me.”

Red Bull was fined by the FIA ​​for its role in the incident. Hamilton wants AI

Earlier this year, Haas team boss Guenther Steiner got into trouble for criticizing the stewards, pointing out a lack of consistency in their decisions after Nico Hulkenberg received a penalty in Monaco for being aggressive. looks like a real pass to Logan Sargeant in Turn 1.

F1 does not have a permanent manager, staff are changed on different race weekends due to the commitment to having a single management team attend each race weekend.

The jury consists of one member appointed by the host national sporting body, while the FIA ​​selects three members, one of whom is appointed president, from a pool of qualified candidates. standard.

There is also a former driver among the four stewards who will give his opinion on the driver’s mindset during an incident and try to take that into account when deciding what punishment, if any , will be applied.

But instead of hiring permanent positions to manage Grand Prix weekends, Hamilton suggested that F1 should consider using machine technology. “How many years have we been… This rule has been in place for ages,” he told media outlets, including RacingNews365, about the obstruction rule when asked about the Verstappen incident.

“I think we need to start looking at AI for these things to make the right decisions. I wanted to see if AI could do better.

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