Queen legend Brian May brutally rejects Martin Brundle on Silverstone grid walk TWICE

Several celebrities, including Brian May, attended the Silverstone Grand Prix as competitors George Russell, Lewis Hamilton, and Lando Norris went for a home victory.

F1 reporter Martin Brundle attempted to speak with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May twice on the Silverstone gird.

A mainstay of Sky’s coverage of Formula 1 races is Brundle’s walk along the grid. By doing this, he frequently strikes up conversations with both the sport’s titans and A-list celebrities who are perusing the paddock. The former race car driver has conducted some legendary interviews with celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne and Roberto Carlos, but she has also been turned down by celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion.

Brundle was hoping to talk to May before the race started at Silverstone, but he was about to get another rejection. After the 76-year-old musician rejected him once, the reporter from Sky Sports tried again.

“Perhaps I could just grab a… As he tried to get into position, Brundle said, “I don’t want to be disrespectful or interrupt too much.” “Evan is with him, telling him about the Mercedes down there and the car itself. We’ll make an effort to explore.

“Brian, would you like to talk to Sky? Not at all? It’s good to see you on the grid, but don’t worry—you don’t need to know anything. Many thanks, and no issues at all. We do not wish to cause him hardship in his life.”

Luckily, Brundle’s luck was better with other paddock visitors. Sam Ryder gave Brundle a cuddle, and he also struck up conversations with Rowan Atkinson and England cricketer Stuart Broad.

Brundle asked Atkinson if he thought the well-known figure Mr. Bean would have fun on race day. The Blackadder actor clarified, “Well, he [Mr. Bean] would enjoy it very much because he’s a car enthusiast as you know.”

“Mr. Bean would probably like it. In any case, it’s great to be here. I’m George Russell’s guest. I didn’t intend to be here on a weekend when he received the poll, but here I am.”

Brundle teased Atkinson jokingly about mentioning his name, to which he replied, “It’s true that I’m a guest of George Russell—that’showlucky I am! May the victor be the best man.

But Broad’s loyalties were not the same as Atkinson’s. “My only support in international sports is for Team Lando and Oscar,” declared the former bowler from Nottinghamshire.

“I understand they’re hoping for a dry race because their fast car will make it open to a little bit of rain. I am aware that they want the clear sky to endure.”

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