July 23, 2024

Lando Norris was upset with himself for losing a race in the Grand Prix.

a dejected After watching another Grand Prix elude him, Lando Norris, the McLaren driver, said he was tired of making expensive errors. Lewis Hamilton took the lead in the British Grand Prix thanks to a poor tyre strategy and a sluggish pit stop, while Norris dropped to third place behind Max Verstappen.

“I’m tired of hearing people complain about how they could have done better, or that they should have done this, or that,” Norris yelled. Thus, I don’t mind if it requires time.

“I want it to happen quickly. It’s time for me to do it now. Right now, we ought to be winning. I ought to be choosing wiserly than I currently am. I’m simply disappointed, then. I won’t accept anything less than a Formula One victory when we should have succeeded.”

Rejecting the idea that he was being too critical of himself, Norris pushed back. The British driver only claimed his first Formula One victory in Miami this year, following five years of competition. “I am not,” Norris retorted. Did we come out on top in today’s race? Indeed. Did we not? No. Therefore, I won’t settle for another third place.”

Hamilton won with emotion, his first since 2021 when he triumphed in Saudi Arabia. The seven-time world champion was unable to control his feelings. Norris acknowledged that Hamilton’s ability to judge when to pit gave him the advantage and won the race. Lewis outperformed me on that side; that’s just driver feel and driver knowledge of when to box, Norris said.

Hamilton set an F1 record on Sunday when he won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The future Ferrari star has acknowledged that the past three years have been difficult for him due to a lack of confidence. Hamilton replied, “Yeah, I can’t stop crying.”

“I believe that it has been since 2021. I simply try to get up every day, train, fight, focus on the task at hand, and work as hard as I can with this incredible team. I wanted to win this race for them because I love them and appreciate all of their hard work over the years. This is also my last race here, the British Grand Prix, with this team.

“I will always be appreciative to all of the members of this team, Mercedes, our partners, and our amazing supporters. As I was turning around, I could see you lap by lap, and nothing feels better than to cross the finish line first.”

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