George Russell suffers Silverstone heartbreak as Mercedes explain problem on car

George Russell was hoping for a home win at the British Grand Prix after starting on pole, but he was forced to retire his Mercedes when an issue was found during the race.

An issue with George Russell’s car was found during the race, and he was unable to complete the British Grand Prix.

The British driver had qualified quicker than teammate Lewis Hamilton, and he had taken the lead at Silverstone. And he would have dreamed of winning his third Formula One race in front of British supporters going into the Grand Prix.

But, it ended tragically when he received the order to head to the pits on lap 34 while he was running fourth. Mercedes confirmed that they had found a possible problem with the water system on his W15, and they instructed him to retire the vehicle.

Russell, obviously upset about his day’s events, could only curse loudly over the radio. After he entered the pit, the Mercedes was wheeled back into the garage and raised on jacks.

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