Lewis Hamilton gave Oliver Bearman “most amazing day” ever with special F1 message

Oliver Bearman, a Ferrari junior driver, has secured his first Formula One seat with Haas for 2025 and is being prepared to take Lewis Hamilton’s place should the seven-time champion decide to retire.

With an incredible performance, he placed seventh, ahead of fellow Brits Hamilton and Lando Norris. Additionally, he had his first interview with reporters at Silverstone on Thursday, including Mirror Sport, following the confirmation of his Haas seat.

Bearman stated that he is still getting used to the idea that he will be facing all of his childhood idols on a regular basis. He declared: “It’s absurd. In 2015 or 2016, Hamilton sent me a video message that said, “Keep working hard, and maybe one day you’ll make it to Formula One.” And here I am!

“Sharing the track with these guys I watch race is crazy. It’s truly remarkable and a moment to truly appreciate. I think highly of these guys and consider them to be huge stars. The fact that I’ll be sharing the circuit with them is pretty amazing.”

He continued, “I think he met one of my mum’s friends or something, and she got him to make a video,” in explaining the origin of the video message. I had the most incredible day ever! Yesterday, I was reminded of it and watched the video once more; it was a humorous moment.”

Bearman is Ferrari’s next big star, and the Italians are hoping he can become their team’s future, much like Charles Leclerc did. He will train under Haas for the time being, and Hamilton will join Leclerc in the upcoming year.

By then, the seven-time Formula One champion, who is nearing the end of his illustrious career, will be forty years old. Bearman, who is 19 years old, says he is not currently planning that far ahead, but the timing seems ideal for him to succeed him in the future.

“You mean that would be the dream?” he continued. I feel like I’m not really in control of it. I can only give my all, and that’s what I want to do anyhow. I really have no control over anything that happens after that. I’m excited to get started and am concentrating on my future with Haas.

“[He could] easily be mistaken for Hamilton in the future. But I’m not giving it any thought! I don’t think Ferrari’s expectations will be any harder than mine because I’m already tough on myself and expect a high standard of performance. I have to sit down with everyone from Ferrari and find out exactly what they need.”

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