July 23, 2024

Concerns were expressed by Lando Norris during the Canadian Grand Prix.

Driver for McLaren Lando Norris has criticized Formula One management for suggested changes for the 2026 season. Adjustable front and rear wing mirrors, faster cornering, reduced drag, and faster straight-line speed are among the innovations.

Furthermore, Norris believes that the rules run counter to the new era that was introduced for the 2022 campaign, when new guidelines were created to increase the gird’s competitiveness.

He failed to qualify for the Canadian Grand Prix after an exciting qualifying session on Saturday in which George Russell defeated Max Verstappen in a dramatic afternoon in Montreal (see the never-before-seen video of Russell winning the pole in a dead heat).

Norris told reporters, “I think you’re not going to have days like today again.” You won’t experience days similar to the ones that have occurred over the past few weeks in either ’26, ’27, ’28, or ’28, ’29. It has always been that way.

“There are large gaps whenever regulations are changed. Additionally, things were beginning to rekindle even at the end of the previous era, 21. Red Bull was still up against Mercedes, and the pack was closing in. Then everything dispersed once more.

Red Bull had their moment, but it appears that we’ve managed to catch up. Thus, as we approach and, I believe, are already anticipating next year, let me say that it should be an exciting year for all of us, from the beginning to the end. It should be exciting, in my opinion. However, all of that will happen in ’26.”

With Verstappen poised to win an F1 championship for a record fourth time, the sport has recently been criticized for being predictable. Although Norris himself finally won a Grand Prix last month in Miami, he forecast that fans’ enthusiasm would wain in the next two years.

You won’t have that in 2026, he said with certainty. It therefore depends on your desire to either “change everything again and have another few years where it’s far apart” or “kind of keep this excitement and challenge that we have now.”

In a race in Canada that was impacted by rain, Norris went on to place second. Verstappen of Red Bull won once more, finishing ahead of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes.

And Norris praised the drama that ensued afterwards. “There was pandemonium. It was a memorable day. I thought I drove a strong race all the way to the end. Then I was destroyed by the safety car. It supported me in Miami and has now won me back.

“I felt it was a pretty perfect race from my side, just a bit unlucky but it is what it is,” he said in response to the question of whether he should have claimed a second Grand Prix victory.

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