Mercedes praise Hamilton after Qatar crash confession

Lewis Hamilton was eliminated from the Qatar Grand Prix on the first lap after colliding with teammate George Russell.

Mercedes insists that Lewis Hamilton’s bold admission of responsibility for the Qatar Grand Prix crash shows his “strength of character”.

Hamilton and teammate George Russell collided on the first lap of the race, eliminating Hamilton from the event.

Russell was able to continue and reclaim 4th place after falling to the back of the field following the collision.

Hamilton immediately told team radio that he had been “knocked out” by his teammate, while Russell blamed Hamilton. After reviewing the incident, the seven-time world champion admitted he was responsible for the accident.

Mercedes said: “The fact that Lewis did this and had the fortitude to express himself and speak the way he did shows that champions are not just made in moments of victory but also in the most difficult times.” Sports media. Directed by Bradley Lord, who plays absent director Toto Wolff in Lusail.

“And it says a lot about his strength of character that he can do that.”

No harmony is broken

Despite the collision between the two teammates, Mercedes affirmed that it will not distract from its focus on this year’s championship.

“They had no intention of getting on track together [but] they did,” Lord added.

“That was never our goal. And they’re both very, very conscious of the team’s goals and they want to work together to get us to second place in the championship and get P2.

“The interview is going on as I sit here and I have absolutely no doubt that this is the same conversation they are having over there.”

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